Parking Near B & F Dental Clinic

Parking Locations Map

1. URA Carpark - Sixth Avenue (S00043)

Coupon Parking / App Parking is available directly in front of the clinic - (10 Lots).

Car Parking Rates:
Mon - Sat
0830H - 1700H - $0.60 / 30 mins

After 5pm - Free
Sunday & Public Holiday - Free

Source: URA Website correct as of 11/10/2019.

2. Guthrie House Basement Carpark - 1 Fifth Avenue, S(268802)

Cashcard Parking is available at Guthrie House, a short 2-minute walk from the clinic.

Parking Rates:
MON-FRI Before 5/6 PM:
$0.02/min from 8am to 12pm, $0.02/min from 2pm to 6pm for the 1st 30min, $0.05/min thereafter.
$0.08/min from 12pm to 2pm

MON-FRI After 5/6 PM
$0.06/min up to a maximum charge of $3.60 from 6pm to 8am the following day

$0.04/min for 1st 30min, $0.02/min for next subsequent min

$2.00/entry from 8am to 8am the following day

Source: correct as of 11/10/2019.

3. Lemon Avenue / Lily Avenue Private Estate - S(277802)

Parking is available at the private estate at Lily Avenue / Lemon Avenue as per LTA guidelines.

Entry to the private estate from Sixth Avenue is by Lemon Avenue.