Registration Form (First Visit)

We require a Parent or Guardian’s Signed Consent for treating minors under 21. If you are unable to accompany your child/ward for the registration appointment, please print and sign this form for your child to bring along.

Medisave Form For Claimable Surgical Procedures

Certain procedures such as Wisdom Tooth Surgery are Medisave-claimable. You may use your Medisave to pay for yourself, your Spouse, Children, Parents or Grandparents. They must be Singaporean citizens. You may not use your Medisave to pay for your siblings.

If you wish to use your Medisave to pay, you must present the following documents to us:

  • The Patient's IC / Passport / CPF Membership Card (for non-Singapore IC holders).
  • The Payer's IC / Passport / CPF Membership Card if the Patient is not the Payer.
  • You will need to sign the Medical Claims Authorisation Form for us to submit. This authorises the CPF Board to deduct from your Medisave Account.